Classical Ballet, Modern and more

The purpose of the Green Bay School of Dance is to provide a high quality educational setting for dancer training. The studio has a professional and knowledgeable staff and offers classical ballet lessons for all ages and levels throughout the year.  

Green Bay School of Dance

Our pre-ballet program is designed for children ages 3 - 7 to prepare them for entrance into the ballet format. The Green Bay School of Dance has been serving Green Bay and the surrounding communities for over 35 years. Although the school has a special interest in developing young dancers and bringing them to a pre-professional level, the faculty is well aware that many students do not have an interest in pursuing a career in dance. The school treats everyone equally in the classroom and feels that the rewards of structured dancing can be highly beneficial no matter what avenues the students eventually pursue. 

Discipline, poise, physical stamina, mental focus, and art are all a part of dance at the Green Bay School of Dance.